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Powerful Advocacy.
Broad Perspective.

Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP provides employment dispute services and employment law counsel to employers and individuals.  We provide all our clients with powerful advocacy and the broad perspective that comes from understanding both sides.

Whether we’re litigating an employment case, counseling a client on compliance with the law, or mediating an employment law dispute, we maintain a firm commitment to excellence, efficiency, responsiveness and collaboration. Because we are not constrained by the substantial overhead costs of large law firms, we can offer lower hourly rates.  We also have the freedom to offer fixed-fee arrangements for virtually all of our services, including monthly rates for unlimited advice on employment law issues and flat fees for each stage of the litigation process.

Unlike many labor and employment law firms, Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP does not represent exclusively management or exclusively individuals. Rather, we advocate vigorously on behalf of both our business and individual clients for accountability and fairness. In most employment disputes, we believe that the party that can convincingly demonstrate its commitment to those basic principles is the party that is likely to prevail.  Our familiarity with both sides of employment disputes makes us stronger, more informed and credible advocates for all of our clients.




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