We are committed to excellence and efficiency in all of our services. Our services include:

Employment Contracts and Separation Agreements We negotiate employment contracts and separation agreements for employers, senior executives, and employees at all levels.

Employment Law Advice We provide responsive, efficient, and solution-oriented advice to our clients on day-to-day employment law issues including: wage and hour, family leave, discrimination, non-competition and other issues.

Investigations We conduct neutral investigations into workplace complaints. Because our practice encompasses representation of both employers and employees, we believe our investigations have strong credibility with agencies, judges and juries.

Litigation and Pre-Litigation Services We provide our clients with vigorous advocacy throughout the litigation process, from agency filings, to federal and state court jury trials and appeals.

Mediation and Arbitration We provide mediation and arbitration services to litigants and other parties to employment disputes. Our practice representing both employers and employees helps assure parties of the neutrality of our ADR services.

Policy and Handbook Drafting We prepare employee handbooks, employment policies, arbitration agreements, dispute resolution systems, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements, and other key documents that define the relationship between employer and employee.

Training We provide lively and instructive training on the full range of employment law issues, from harassment and discrimination, to administration of family medical leaves, discipline and documentation.